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Hardly anyone talks about the tremendous effort it takes to stop smoking. Contrary to what non-smokers think, it may be harder to quit smoking than to quit alcohol or even heroin. Letting Go of Smoking in Peace may look controversial, like it is concealed, censored, and underground, but the truth is that it is not. Indeed, there is much particular interest that would love to cover this technology up, for their secret plan is for you to relapse and continue to purchase their products while blaming yourself. Still, the revolution is finally here to stop that insanity with safe, proven results. Let's stop this cowardly manipulation driven by a community of particular interest that has zero concern for our health and well-being by joining us with this remarkable technology. Feel liberated, at ease, and on top of the world with Letting Go of Smoking in Peace. We know that you might feel desperate and possibly powerless over smoking, but we ask you to be courageous one more time as together we defeat the monster within that doesn't want to let us stop. Soon, you will be privileged to be healthy and strong like those individuals who exercise and are smoke-free. Maybe for the first time, this will be easy for you, and you will be delighted. Enter code V2023 and get your instant discount while it is still available. Most importantly, we thank you for your trust and confidence. 

The Secret is out; these confidential and underground layered Frequencies which western medicine hopes will never come out are here now. How amazing can it possibly be to have the Nicotine Monster knocked out.

Experience the unexpected thrill of victory for the first time with the multi-layered Frequencies and Hypnotic commands to terminate the agony of defeat"YOU ARE THE WINNER"

No more feeling incapable, paralyzed, and vulnerable for not being able to stop smoking, and no more getting judged for not having the willpower to stop smoking. This time around, it will be effortless as the frequencies knock out the Nicotine receptors that have caused so much damage.


Q- What could possibly be my biggest motivation for using Letting Go Of Smoking In Peace?

A- It is no secret that more than 1300 people per day have to be replaced by the Tobacco companies; therefore relapse is no longer an option for you.

Q- How can frequencies work to help me stop smoking.

A- The synergistic combinations of these frequencies have been created to work with your brain's electromagnetic fields, which create a calming effect. The frequencies are there to manipulate the nicotine receptors in such a way as to defeat the cravings coming from the nicotine monster within (the addiction).

Future medicine will be the medicines of frequencies – Albert Einstein.

Q- Where does the Transformational Hypnotic Induction fit in all this?

A- By allowing the mind and the body to connect inside of a Theta state of mind, we can edit the hard drive (subconscious mind) that is in control of 95% of your personality. Knowing this, we have created a new program that allows new brain cell impressions to take the place of the old brain cell impression, which have made all the damage and are therefore incapable of ever fixing the problem. The new brain cell impressions will provide harmony and peace while taking down the Nicotine Monster within.

Q- How long is it going to take me to quit smoking?

A- Unbelievable as it may seem, it can happen immediately. Hypnosis and Frequencies work synergistically together. It is recommended to listen to the Transformational Hypnosis at least once per day for the next 30 to 45 days regardless of when you have quit. The frequencies should be heard with a headset, preferably when there is a slight urge, and before one feels powerless to crush the Nicotine monster within. You can stop very quickly or gradually, but please listen to the Frequencies for a minimum of 60 to 90 days to provoke the Nicotine receptors to leave forever. You will be able to determine what is best for you in calmness and at ease. Use these frequencies often during the day/night as needed.

Q- How do I use the Frequencies?

A- This is very easy when using Earphone Buds; you need to listen to them for 20 minutes, which should be more than enough time to kill all urges. If you are using Headphones which is preferable, you can start by putting them on your head. Still, you can also hang the headphones between your chest and back, or even on your neck by your throat without necessarily listening to them, for your body will recognize the vibrations and hear the frequencies. Therefore you have a lot of freedom to do whatever pleases you during the day. It would be best if you listened to them at least once per day, but three or four times or more per day could bring faster results. 

Let's stop the insanity! Know that the future society is going to look at us one day and say why on earth would they ingest the drug that has done them harm to quit smoking. - I saw my father powerless over smoking for over 30 years of my life, quitting smoking like 50 times with no success. After over 50 years of smoking, my father's third heart attack and several strokes, along with a triple-by-pass surgery and his doctor saying you will be dead in a heartbeat if you continue smoking, is what finally stopped him from smoking. It was the best decision he made because he lived over 17 years after that. Stop hurting yourself, and also think about helping a friend or a family member in need. You will agonize watching your father, as my sisters and I did, struggling to stay alive. The team of doctors and nurses used the pads on him multiple times after open-heart surgery. The impressions of what we experienced were so significant that we all threw up numerous times.


2 files are included in your download:

- Nicotine Free recording with audio commentary

- Nicotine Free recording frequencies only, no audio

 (Once downloaded onto your computer simply unzip file to use.)