About Us

Gus Barni Master Formulator

Gus Barni is a master formulator with unparalleled skill and experience in crafting exceptional nutritional health supplements. He is passionate about creating homeostasis in the body, mind and spirit, and formulates brilliant natural solutions for health issues.

He launched Vibrational Health LLC, with the sole purpose of providing health and well-being in an era where sickness prevails. Mr. Barni could arguably be one of the most experienced formulators in the US.

As a nutritional supplement manufacturer, Mr. Barni has over 30 years of experience, compiled thousands of formulations, and manufactured millions of bottles. He has private labeled products for clients who have items in Walmart, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, and CVS Pharmacy.

Barni possesses experience like few have in this field. The amount of trial and errors, and feedback puts him in a unique place to be able to formulate products at the top fraction of 1% inside of this industry. These products are made with the highest and best intentions for the greatest benefit to humanity.

Our Greatest Wealth is our Health, and without it, we suffer emotionally and physically. Vibrational Health LLC, dedicates itself to prevention that is evidence-based and functional. We believe that we are either moving towards health or against it. Therefore, it is vital that we preserve body and mind so we can enjoy the years to come. Let’s focus on helping you age with grace and dignity, with all that science and nature can offer.

While we cannot make any claims to the effectiveness of the products based on how laws are written in our country, we certainly love your recommendations and support.

May the Higher Vibrations in your body bring you to a whole new level of health and appreciation.

Thank you so very much for trusting us with your health and well-being!