What are Anxiety Attacks - Symptoms & Treatments

What are Anxiety Attacks

Today we will discuss “What are Anxiety Attacks - Symptoms & Treatments”

On, or off the record, an anxiety attack has to have a birthing that may be controversial, and not easily understood.

Unbelievable as it may seem, there was a time that you didn’t have any of those nasty anxiety attacks, but now you do..

There is no magic to this regardless of the nonsensical ways that it is presented.

What are anxiety attacks? the smarter question to ask is why these poisonous emotions make me feel so vulnerable and powerless.

Why am I so powerless against anxiety attacks? ( it wasn’t always like this).

These infiltrated emotions accumulate over time which can associated with childhood experiences that have not been properly resolved.As we become adults and pressures mount as our world becomes more complicated, we start bursting at the seams.

By first understanding, that we have taken into our physical body an enormous amount of negative emotions which continue to provoke us into adulthood.

we can then better comprehend what are anxiety attacks. Astonishing as it may seem, those anxiety attacks are the accumulation of a lifetime of suppressed and repressed emotions expanding into full manifestations.


what are anxiety Attacks


Key Points for Anxiety Attacks

  • Unattended emotions will cause anxiety and over time health issues, Breath work can defuse emotions, go to our YouTube channel for empowering breath work.

  • The Book Relationships: Functional vs Dysfunctional will go a long way in helping you relate with your internal and external environment.

  • Brain@Ease is a none pharmaceutical product that can enable the rational mind to bring balance and therefore take power out of the anxiety.

  • Taking responsibility for what is happening to you, and when it is happening to you. A shallow breath is an unsuccessful sign of keeping emotions down, do something about it.

  • As much as our anxiety feels real, we need to consciously with strength put it in its place. Anxiety can be triggered by past memories appearing real when a situation triggers us, and or, feeling powerless and vulnerable about something in the future triggered in our present moment.

  • We are not here to out-intellectualize what is an anxiety attack, but we should be motivated and hopeful to get to the bottom of it. Give yourself the gift that comes with meeting your inner peace by joining us in our Transformational retreat. Go to Balancedliferetreat.com and feel the difference.