New Relationship Advice

Topic: Best Relationship for women and men


For decades, Gus Barni has been a metaphysical researcher with a dedication to help others climb the vibrational conscious scale. In Relationships: Functional versus Dysfunctional, Barni offers simple and easy tools that can be used to improve your communication skills, relationship with your Self, your family, friends, and co-workers, and most of all, you can learn to look within to find answers to life’s daily challenges.

The following is some of what you can expect from this book:

    • How to create support so that respect, love, and understanding are the foundation of all of your relationships.
    • Explore positive new ways to improve your loving relationships by mastering your communication skills.
    • Learn how the ego is sabotaging you — detect it and put it in its rightful place.
    • Learn to release stress so you can synchronize your thoughts to deal with your children, family, friends, co-workers, and employers successfully.
    • Understand generational ancestry patterns that may have caused you harm and how to change them.
    • How you feel about the ability to release baggage from old relationships so as not to create new baggage in present or future relationships.
    • Detect and defuse dysfunctional relationships immediately.
    • Build greater intimacy in all of your relationships.