Depression, anxiety and your neurotransmitters


If you live with the hormones of anxiety and depression, you live in survival mode and in a perpetual state threatened by uncertainty and a feeling of being out of balance. 

You often hear psychologists and spiritual healers stating that if you change your mind, you change your thoughts and emotions.

For the persons that are depressed, this is not easy as the wires in the brain are out of sync.

 We must observe where our minds go, and it is okay if we can't control where that mind goes. When our neurotransmitters are out of balance, it isn't easy to create better thoughts, and maybe we need to have a blood or urine test that determines where the 9 or 10 of these neurotransmitters are.

My recommendation is

-1 start by using deep breaths to allow much oxygen to feed your brain and body (I have a 5 minute free Youtube video that is very powerful)

-2 bring your good experiences and not your bad experiences of the day to bed with you (free sleep meditation with positive affirmation on the site)

-3 get a hold of nutritional supplement or supplements that can calm the nervous system, so cortisol drops and restful sleep hormones like serotonin go up (Brain@ease). Oxygen is where the spirit lives; without enough oxygen, we start to die, and our circuitry can go wild.  When trying to sleep, evil thoughts are corrupt programming for the subconscious mind with negative consequences.


A combination of breathwork followed by sleep induction can be helpful. If that is not enough, consider a potent nervous system relaxer that you can take after dinner to provide you with gentle thoughts that can help reprogram your subconscious mind (Brain@ease).

The only true relief is influencing the subconscious mind; there are no shortcuts when it comes to anxiety and depression. Like it or not, the seeds that you water the most are the seeds that will grow the most; if you water the seeds of negative emotions, you get more of that, but if you water the seeds of positive emotions,

you get more of that. Be patient as you have been living this way for a long time; it will take time to reprogram the subconscious mind.


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